We believe that, from the inception of design right up to delivery, it all starts with inspiration – whether following the fashion from the catwalk, an idea from a dream or a rendezvous at a local art gallery. Ar Kirens our design and product development team create the appearance and feel for each season’s garments.
We develop and deliver samples within 5 working days. We are able to achieve this because we provide a detailed description to our sampling and manufacturing unit which includes:

  • Styling and construction details,
  • Size specifications,
  • Fabric swatches and fabric supplier details (if available),
  • Original samples.
A strong relationship with major shipping and freight carriers ensure priority service is given to Kirens International Ltd, so that your orders reach you in perfect condition and on time.

Quality assurance at country of source and within the UK ensures our high production and packaging standards are maintained.

We ‘go that extra mile’ to ensure our high quality service, is part of daily life at Kirens International Ltd.

We provide support through out the complete design, ordering & delivery process, to ensure that every clients expectations are met.

The Quality Assurance Process provides an overview of how we approach apparel quality at Kirens. It includes all the necessary steps we take to provide good quality garments to our customers.

We believe that quality starts from the product development, where we provide the tech-pack and size specification chart to our sampling / manufacturing units. Our size specifications are sent along with the ‘How to measure’ reference point sketches to ensure that the factory clearly understands our requirements. We ensure that each sample submitted to a client for approval is accompanied by a supplier specification chart. This sample must match the specification for approval of fit and construction.

After approval of the sample and receipt of an order sheet, we order the fabric and carry out a 4-point system to do fabric inspection. Further into the production process we do in-Line and end-line inspection. These inspections are regularly recorded and sent for our approval. We do final inspection on all orders to AQL 4.0 standard before they are dispatched

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